20th Jul, 2007

Carnival of Investment Strategies – July 20, 2007

Welcome to the July 20, 2007 edition of Carnival of Investment Strategies.


goldguru presents How to Invest in Alternative Energy posted at goldguru, saying, “Diversify your alternative energy investments with a clean energy ETF…”

Sam presents ETF Exchange Traded Funds Are a Great Investment Strategy. Buy and Sell easily. posted at Surfer Sam and Friends, saying, “ETFs Are a Great Investment Strategy How Long Before They Replace Mutual Funds? ETFs give the investor a way to “own” all the stocks in a broad group, like the Dow Jones Industrials or all the stocks in the Standard & Poors 500 Index. Better yet, ETFs are easy to buy and sell because they trade on the stock exchange just like stocks.”


The Smart Trader presents Do You Need Trading Rules? posted at Smart Trading For Profits, saying, “Trading Rules”

Mutual Funds

Trent presents Not All Indexed Portfolios Are Equal posted at Financial Education.

Trent presents Constructing an Index Portfolio Using Stratified Sampling posted at Financial Education.

KCLau presents Asset Allocation Application in Unit Trust Investment posted at KCLau’s Money Tips, saying, “Asset allocation involves dividing an investment portfolio among different asset categories, such as stocks, bonds, and liquid cash. The right mix for a person is actually very personal.”


Thomas Humes presents Retirement – The Real Cost of Procrastination posted at Wealth Building World, saying, “If you want to accumulate $1,000,000 when you are 65, how much would you have to save? It all depends on when you get started.”

KCLau presents Why Invest in Land? posted at KCLau’s Money Tips, saying, “Most people think that land investment is only for real estate developers, who buy big parcels of land for commercial, or residential development. But actually, investing in land is one of the sound investment strategies available for common investor, both large and small.”

ChristianPF presents How to make more money with your emergency fund posted at Money in the Bible | Christian Personal Finance Blog, saying, “A quick how-to showing you how to leverage an emergency fund to save more money and increase it’s growth rate.”

Warren Wong presents The Life Pursuit Of Money posted at Personal Development for INTJs, saying, “Why should making money be a life pursuit? Because making money actually helps people! Here’s why.”

edithyeung presents How To Build a Strong Real Estate Team posted at Stewart Hsu.

Steve Faber presents - Can Your Emergency Fund Actually Create an Emergency? posted at DebtBlog.

Tushar Mathur presents Investing in a Tradtional IRA posted at Life of a Resident Alien….


Wolf Stone presents Buy Gold During the Summer Doldrums?? posted at Canadian Economy, Commodities And Mining Stocks Through a Fundamental Lens – Wolf Stone.

Josh presents Systematic Investing Could Yield Greater Returns posted at The Mad Money Analyst.

Josh presents Investing in Individual Stocks posted at The Mad Money Analyst, saying, “Picking the winning stock out of a line-up can be an exciting thrill ride that can yield great profits- two reasons why so many investors opt in to investing in individual stocks. You never know what is going to turn into profit making news next. What the next hot product is? First a company will trigger your profit watching senses…”

Josh presents Stock Investing Basics posted at The Mad Money Analyst, saying, “These basics of stock investing will provide a quick overview of what it takes to weed out good investments from the great investments.”

Moneywise presents Stocks as Income Investments posted at The Real Returns, saying, “Stocks as income investments”

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